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High Risk Merchants


A high risk merchant account is usually best for businesses with high return, high turnover, or increased risk of fraud or chargeback. Many times businesses are considered high risk just because the nature of the business is considered high risk. The business may be completely legitimate, not have any chargeback issues or increased fraud but still be given a high risk processing status. Many businesses don’t even know they are considered high risk and may be quickly turned down by other processors. Here at FREE-FEES.COM, we do what it takes so you can take payments as soon as possible. Below is a list of some of our high risk processing merchant businesses.

Bad Credit Merchant Account


Many merchants own businesses but learn that their personal credit has made it difficult to open up a merchant account. Here at FREE-FEES.COM, we understand that life doesn’t always go as planned and we believe in giving second chances. We have many programs that allow us to approve high risk payment processing accounts regardless of personal or business credit history. If you want to grow your business by accepting credit cards but personal credit or business credit has been an issue, let FREE-FEES.COMbe your new processing partner. Don’t lose any more sales than you already have by not being able to accept credit cards. You don’t have to wonder how to get a merchant account with bad credit. We have the perfect high risk credit card processing account for your Business.



Spend less time waiting and more time watching the money roll in. With FREE-FEES.COMProcessing, we know that time is money and we have the perfect high risk processing account for your business.



Don’t let one of the other guys lock you into a long term contract with an expensive exit clause. With FREE-FEES.COMProcessing, there are no long term contracts for any of our high risk processing accounts.



Who in the world wants to pay to have their account set up? We certainly wouldn’t and we make sure that our high risk processing customers don’t have to either.



We have the lowest swipe fees in the high risk industry. Put us to the test and find out just how much money we can save your business.



Setup shouldn’t take forever, and with FREE-FEES.COMProcessing’s lightning quick setup process you won’t be left without the ability to accept payments once you’re approved.

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